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About Us

We understand that our students require special attention and a combined program of studies to help them continue their education and acquire additional skills that are useful in today’s workplace.

Cultural Technical Institute was designed to create an atmosphere of diversity that recognizes and values differences, and we strongly believe, without a doubt, that quality rather than quantity is and always will be the key to success in our endeavor! 

Institutional Grant

Cultural Technical Institute, LLC., provide Institutional Grants, a grant is a gift aid awarded through Cultural Technical Institute, funds to help make up the difference between Institutional costs and what a family can be expected to contribute through income, savings, loans, and student earnings. 

Some Institutional Grants are offered only to students whose families demonstrate financial need; others are awarded without regard to a family's finances; although Institutional Grant amounts may differ from year to year for each program.

Career Services

We provide students valuable advice on developing the necessary skills and guidelines for preparing a resume and preparing for job interviews. 


Career Services is provided in the form of workshops that include detailed listings of desirable qualifications for several job positions and helpful tips on applying for the job they want. 


Students work in teams writing letters of introduction, recommendations, job acceptance, etc. and producing written feedback based on their impressions.




The intention of an Externship is to provide students the opportunity of working in an actual business setting and learning from that experience. 


Students must contact the Program Coordinator for available Externship sites. It is the Program Coordinator's responsibility to inform the student where they will be going and providing all required paperwork. 


Students will be notified of where they need to report and how many hours are required to complete their externship.

Job Placement



Our career-focused diploma programs are designed to assist students through every step of the career process. Graduates are often placed in entry-level positions in business, technical and allied health fields. During the duration of the course, graduate and enrolled students are given an opportunity to join the marketplace. 


Cultural Technical Institute's assistance includes resume writing skills, dressing for success, interviewing techniques, and how to apply their skills and knowledge to work on their behalf. We provide the number of job openings in the related area of study including employer information, starting salary, estimated annual salary, and even jobs posted outside the State of Texas.

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