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Nursing Assistant

This program is designed to prepare students to achieve a level of knowledge, skills, and the necessary abilities to provide basic care to residents of hospitals, long-term care facilities or those individuals who are home-bound and require special care. 


Graduates will be able to interact effectively with patients, assisting them in attaining and maintaining maximum functional independence. They will learn how to deal with patients’ needs and how to provide such care as bathing, feeding, and dressing.

In addition, they will also learn how to perform support functions such as transporting patients, taking vital signs, making beds, helping patients become ambulatory and answering patient calls.


This course will help to make the student a successful nursing assistant, one who is taught to be a team player, able to follow direction well, to be emotionally stable and to demonstrate a great deal of patience and compassion. This program prepares students to pass the Texas State Certification test as a Nursing Assistant. 

Complete your Program in 5 Weeks!
Medical Professional and Stetoscope
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